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Not All Ultrasounds Are Created Equal

Did you know.....?

Did you know that while it is technically

not illegal for anyone to pick up an ultrasound probe and charge for an ultrasound examination of an animal, it is illegal for anyone that is not a veterinarian to interpret ultrasound images and make a diagnosis. This would be the equivalent of practicing veterinary medicine without a license. Therefore, it is very important to know who is scanning your pet and what their credentials and level of training are. This can make all the difference in the utility and helpfulness of the ultrasound examination. Also, it could be a very dangerous tool in the wrong hands, if the wrong conclusion is made or if an ultrasound guided procedure is done by someone that does not have proper training or is doing so illegally.

Diagnostic ultrasound examinations are typically performed by board certified veterinarians specializing in either radiology or internal medicine, or other board certified specialists or general practitioners with additional ultrasound training following veterinary school, an internship, and/or residency. In certain cases, a licensed veterinary technician or unlicensed technician may seek additional training to become an animal ultrasound technician, however, unlike a veterinarian who is able to interpret and diagnose directly from the ultrasound, licensed or unlicensed technicians must have their images interpreted by a veterinarian or veterinary radiologist. The veterinarian is solely responsible for making the diagnosis. Be wary of non-veterinarians making ultrasound diagnoses without first consulting with a veterinarian as this is illegal!

Dr. Ayeley Okine, owner of East Bay SonoVet, is a board certified Internal Medicine specialist veterinarian that performs ultrasound. Not only is she able to interpret her images and make a diagnosis, she is able to help make recommendations regarding patient care.

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